COSMOS Collective

Natalia Guevara

Greed, avaricia (2015-2016), video

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Greed is considered as a capital Sin. A sin that is associated with the rapacious desire to accumulate material possessions.

The environment is affected every day by human greed we are greedy when we buy useless technology that ends up filling the garbage dumps of the world, when we waste water and energy, when our life revolves to buy and consume, when there is overproduction of food in some countries and scarcity in others.

Greed leaves other living beings, without food, without housing and without option to develop. Every good or bad step that we give in the world affects others.

Greed is a work that manifests the desire to have, regardless of how to do it. Endanger our ecosystem, humans have believed that nature must give us what we need, water, food, air, without giving a sign of gratitude or respect. Caring for our environment allows all animal species to live in dignity and should not change their role in nature. Birds eating meat of their own species in garbage left by the human, tells us how living things are linked with needs but also how resist to disappear at the hands of man and ambition.

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