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Almira Medaric

Krizevi (2019), color pigment prints

Medaric's series "Krizevi" deals with tattoos that were created during the time of the Ottoman Empire. In Bosnia, Catholic women had crosses and cross-based forms tattooed as identifying marks in the hope of protecting themselves from being converted to Islam. The surroundings of the Charterhouse in lttingen and the Bosnian origin of Medarics led to a study of these forms, the simple ornamental compositions were adapted by the artist and applied to the female faces of the COSMOS collective.
Almira Medaric setzt sich in der Serie „Krizevi" mit Tätowierungen auseinander, die zur Zeit des osmanischen Reichs entstanden sind. In Bosnien liessen sich katholische Frauen Kreuze und kreuzbasierte Formen als Erkennungszeichen tätowieren, dies in der Hoffnung, sich vor der Konversion zum Islam zu schützen. Die Umgebung der Kartause lttingen und die bosnische Herkunft Medarics führten zu einer Studie dieser Formen. Die einfachen ornamentalen Kompositionen wurden von der Künstlerin adaptiert und auf den weiblichen Gesichtern des COSMOS-Kollektivs appliziert.

What you see is what you hear (2017-2019), color pigment prints

I work as a visual artist and create objects, installations, paintings and wallpaintings. For me, working with sound was a challenge. In Bogota I first recorded audio, but soon I realized that I wanted to use my own technique to experiment with sound in order to have another focus.

By going through the city and recording I started to take pictures and realized that sound is something that we can also see. In Bogota sound is everywhere and most dense where the architecture also is. This series of photographs is exactly dealing whith this idea. I make them speak, as the idea is to look at the picture and already hear the noises of the city as I heard them while taking the pictures. Sometimes there are not so loud, but are present on the background, but sometimes they overwhelm you, as does the addition of many types of architecture. Hearing is seeing.

Photos: © Almira Medaric

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